TraviS & Elzzz

Full Circle Digital Download


Release Date: Jan 13, 2023

Dublin-based rappers TraviS & Elzzz drop an 8-track mixtape, ‘Full Circle’, with Dublin beatmaker and long-term collaborator Liam Harris (Sello) on production. The project marks a defining moment in the Irish Rap scene as two of the most talked about rappers join forces and deliver a game-changing body of work that sends ripples far beyond their home turf.

Full Circle is opening the floodgates on what is just the beginning for these titans - including the first breakout song they did together ‘ICL’ - with TraviS & Elzzz offering an insight into their journeys so far personally and professionally. Breaking down barriers placed by their peers and industry figures within Ireland, Full Circle is the tale of the underdog and embodies everything they stand for whilst creating space for those who follow.

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